Random Thoughts: 3 Steps to self evaluate.

Quote “It is irrestible.” Well it is not a perfect way to start your own journey. You need skills. You need extra courage to live up to your family’s expectations and to gain self respect too upon yourself. But what would you do to get such audience to support your decisions?

Am I irrestable enough to make my own decisions and thus, personal space is needed. A space to think, write, read and just be yourself. But most of all you are not judged.

So here are a few steps you should follow or try.

Step 1


You confront your family members of what you expect coming from you to succeed. Avoid deppression all together.

Step 2


You need to confess to all you think that gives you high pressure in succeeding that you are a human being not a robot! With that, you need to confess to them that you will achieve success with your own will. Forcing you to do it only makes it worse.

Step 3

Self Evaluation.

You need to start with getting a pen and a notepad. Then brainstorm your pros and cons of your ownself. It is a sense of self evaluation method that most people would think it is successful. You evaluate your weaknesses and your strengths here. Thus, creating a better person and improve your mind and soul.
Once you already did all three steps, now the most crucial part of all comes in, you have to have courage and make decisions on your own without having second thoughts or fear of failing. Proof to your family that you are worthy enough to decide things on your own accord.

–  Dawn Harper –